If you think that a wellness retreat to Jamaica would involve meditation and yoga by the beach like I did, you would feel like a sweepstakes winner when you discovered that the “Unplugged Women’s Retreat” orchestrated by Kym Niles delivered volumes more than that. Not only did I get the yoga, meditation and beach time that I was craving but I was also escorted to and enjoyed some of the precious jewels that Jamaica has to offer.

The Green Grotto Caves taught me about the pirates of Port Royal and the Tiano natives that lived there in years gone by. The Dunn Water Falls offered an uphill hike in water were I once again thought that I would be sitting on the waters’ edge or laying on a towel soaking up the sun! The exercise taught me the value of team work, brought out my nurturing qualities as I encouraged and warned other for fellow retreat go-ers to avoid a slippery or rock or sharp stones and some leadership skills as we took turns leading our small group. The St. Thomas Mineral Bath was my absolute favourite surprise of all time. The only thing I knew before hand was that it was a two hour trip. I did not imagine what it might be like or put any more thought into it. When I got to the destination, I whisked away by my personal guide and masseuse who lead me into the mountains to the pristine hot springs known as the St. Thomas Mineral Bath and covered me from nose to toe in soft, rich, mineral clay and bathed me in hot spring water from deep within the earth. The night time bonfire a stone’s throw away from the home town of legendary reggae singer Bob Marley makes me laugh every time I think about it. Other highlights, included an intense 7 minute workout on the beach, a self-discovery seminar, the black and white photo shoot and breakfast, lunch and dinner cooked by a kitchen full of all-male Jamaican chefs (10 thumbs up for that one;))))))     

The Unplugged Women’s Retreat for me was a touch of heaven that catered to my mind, body, soul and spirit.  In five short days and four nights I had incredible fun, I was blessed to enjoy the island breeze whispering against my skin and I was guided to exercises and experiences that made me feel strong, confident, valued and self-loved.


The retreat was an amazing Pause experience.

Kym makes you face your circumstances, examine your life and take a hard look at how your choices have manifested. Whether this be about your  health, relationship, quality of life or finances, it doesn't matter. What does matter is taking that first step to look at yourself honestly and lovingly. Self care and self love.

By the end of the trip, I felt refreshed, renewed and ready to transform.  I CAN & I WILL is Kym's motto.  Now it is ours.

I rated this experience a 5/5.  I am going back for part 2 in 2018, and encourage you to do the same.  You will love the experience.otto.  Now it is ours.


I attended the 1st Unplugged Retreat in Runaway Bay Jamaica, this past November. It was an unforgettable experience, the organizer Kym Niles and staff did  a phenomenal job from the well thought out workshops to excursions.  In the workshops Kym made everyone feel at ease and created safe space for us to express and share our stories.  

l’ve learned so much about myself through the workshops and got the opportunity to know more about the island. I will be definitely be attending the next retreat!