ENVISION 2019 Testimonials

This past Sunday I attended the I Can And I Will event ENVISION 2019. I had the most amazing time. The evening was full of fun, connections and a whole lot of laughter. I have to be honest though, I had a preconceived expectation as to what I thought the event was going to be like, I thought it was going to a work shop to create your vision board and write down all my goals and things I want to achieve personally and in my business. Bwoy was I wrong!!!. The event was a whole experience (and you know for me..its all about the experience). As soon as we arrived, our coats were taken, we were greeted with a signature drink and the ambiance in the room was intimate and fitting. I Can And I Will had an amazing line up of speakers that poured into us, they talked about our health, wealth and well being as individuals and a business owners and how important it is to keep our mind, body and soul right and gave us the tools. Kym also shared the importance of having a vision board and creating one that is clear and in alignment with your goals and what you want to achieve. So many gems were dropped and shared at the event. Let me tell you the information was RECEIVED and now the vision for myself and for my business is clearer than before because now I AM DREAMING BIGGER. Thank you Kym, I cant wait for next year

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