Business Coaching

It takes a special kind of person, to see that which cannot be seen, to look inside ourselves and discover the power that we did not know we have.

An established leader – disruptor! Leaders seek me out to help save their businesses, recreate business plans and whip their company and employees into shape. With over a decade of experience in the remodelling companies my ability to take charge of a situation, vocalize my findings and actively work implementing a plan of action is evident in every project.

I am a professional with the requisite skills and vision to make an immediate impact on your bottom-line all while influencing positive change on individuals and workplace culture. My vast approach is through engagement and coaching personal growth...

Core Strength’s: Creating awareness, Authentic listening, Creating Action, Identifying Values, Perspective, Active accountability, Building Structure, Public Speaking, Teaching, One on One Coaching... Together Everyone Achieves More - Let's chat about how we can work together to elevate your business.

I am committed to holding you accountable to you.

“Thanks again for coming out, and for directing us on the right path, with all your ideas, and experience. I am very thankful that I met you, because I am seeing a lot of positive growth currently. Several months ago I was lost and discouraged, not knowing where to turn, and what to do. So once again, thanks for always being you, making yourself available, for being patient with me. God bless.”