I Can and I Will™ empowers you to take positive action resulting in self esteem and mastery. We are committed to nurturing your core values with emphasis on the fundamentals essential for Success. Confidence, Self Discipline, Relationship building, Follow-through, Leadership, Hard work and Acceptance are amongst a few basics that are embraced within our programs.

Our belief system is to maintain an active lifestyle, which improves both mental and physical health.



Kym is a phenomenal woman. She is full of purpose and passion. What I respect most about Kym is that she truly cares. Kym is more than a trainer. She is a life coach and she is my friend. My body is stronger and so is my mind. I am confident and unstoppable and thanks to Kym, I have found my purpose and my why.


Hi, my name is Janet. About 5 months ago I walked into group training with Kym at 330lbs and 50% fat. Today I am proud, bold and loud that I have lost 20 lbs and am now at 45% body fat. With the guidance of Kym this is just the beginning. I Can and I Will.


Kym is someone who takes a stand for others to rise up to their greatness. Kym is committed to her own personal growth and development as a leader and human being in the planet. Her light, energy and laughter is contagious and people are lit up by her presence.



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